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Présentation de la société

Couleurs-Bio has emerged when some Organic winegrowers from Bordeaux and Bergerac, decided to pull together their experiences, tempers and their common love of their job. They shared also some humanist values. They decided to promote general knowledge about Organic wines and to make people sharing with them the pleasure brought by their wines.

This small team of passionate people would like to bring to the public a new vision of wine and its pleasure, based on consciousness and responsibility from the winemaker and responsibility and ethic awareness from the customer.

Drinking Organic wine is to drink good to have fun and pleasure. It is to drink healthy to protect one’s own health and our natural environment. It is also to drink reasonably to enjoy again and again the pleasure of sharing and conviviality. To drink organic is supporting our daily efforts in protecting nature and in contributing properly to our local economy.

Our viticulture is Organic and our methods are checked by ECOCERT, an independent auditing company, appointed by Ministry of Agriculture.

Wine-making and aging are under standards defined by the Charte FNIVAB (National Organic Wine Industry Association). These standards set recommended rules for Organic wine-making. These standards are subject to constant research s and improvement.

We also watch over the consequences of our packing material (manufacture, use and lifecycle) over environment and human health. Practically, we make sure that corks, paper and boxes are derived from durably managed forests. We participate in recycling our bottles. We do not accept chlorine bleached paper and boxes. Our printing company supplier uses only natural inks following " IMPRIM’VERT " standards.

By nature, Organic viticulture is more common in small estates and is very influenced by people working them. Constant vigilance and perfect knowledge of the "terroir" of each single block is required to obtain best results. Each of our wines is then specific to its original soil and to the wine-maker personality.

To bring the wines to the consumer, we propose a label called "Couleurs Bio" gathering only wines from single Estates (no blends), grown, made and bottled in our family wineries. These wines are selected upon blind tasting by an independent panel.

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